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SAP: Integrazione certificata

Con una interfaccia certificata, Interflex consente una integrazione migliorata del rilevamento delle presenze all'interno di sistemi SAP. In risposta alle richieste delle aziende che intendono migrare verso SAP con supporto Unicode, Interflex Datensysteme GmbH & Co. KG ha integrato l'interfaccia certificata SAP HR-PDC all'interno del software IF-6040 software per rilevamento delle presenze e controllo degli accessi.

Con questa nuova interfaccia, lo specialista per soluzioni di rilevamento presenze e di controllo accessi semplifica il trasferimento di dati verso SAP.

Solutions for time management, time & attendance recording, personnel scheduling and access control can only develop their full potential if they constantly exchange data with other business applications. For many companies, this means ensuring the smooth flow of production data between data acquisition terminals and their or SAP-R/3 installations.

With IF-6020 software from Interflex, you are optimally equipped to meet this challenge. Since 1991, we have successfully connected our software to SAP systems in more than 500 customer projects. As a certified partner of SAP, we provide common interfaces for connecting our time management solutions to SAP modules, such as HR (Human Resources), CO (Controlling) and PP (Production Planning).

The bottom line: All relevant data at a glance - the basis for flexible working hours, state-of-the-art production methods and customized personnel scheduling.


On the SAP partner site at, users can find data sheets, specifications and success stories on the almost 20-year cooperation between SAP and Interflex.

Employees use their RFID badges to perform attendance and absence bookings at terminals. The IF-6040 system runs a plausibility check on this data and then transfers it to the SAP system via the data interface. The SAP system uses this information to evaluate time balances and to update work time accounts. The results are made available for retrieval at the terminals via the SAP interface. When the next booking is performed, the updated statuses are automatically displayed at the terminals. However, employees can also retrieve this information whenever they want. Thus, the system provides both employees and HR departments with more transparency regarding preferred/actual working hours and break times.

The time recording system can communicate with SAP ERP systems (e.g. Enterprise Central Component 6.0) both in Unicode and non-Unicode mode. The parallel use of both modes is also possible. Companies operating on an international basis, in particular, benefit from this solution.


Advanced Usage Options

In addition to time data, other booking and wage types can also be integrated into the SAP system via badge. This can be the case, for example, when employees use their badges to pay for lunch in the cafeteria, coffee at the office, or parking fees. Besides processing time recording data, the interface can also be used to provide additional information to the personnel department and thus simplify their work. Furthermore, it allows for the assignment of cost centers to individual projects. If employees work in a different position for the duration of a specific project, differing wages and salaries can easily be determined. Additionally, the system can be enhanced to include functions for access control and visitor management.